Volume 39 Issue 2
Feb.  2019
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FEI Honglu, ZHANG Chaoyi, LÜ Jinqi, ZHANG Longfei. On collapsing disintegration and vibration of a cooling tower subjected to blasting demolition[J]. Explosion And Shock Waves, 2019, 39(2): 025201. doi: 10.11883/bzycj-2017-0414
Citation: FEI Honglu, ZHANG Chaoyi, LÜ Jinqi, ZHANG Longfei. On collapsing disintegration and vibration of a cooling tower subjected to blasting demolition[J]. Explosion And Shock Waves, 2019, 39(2): 025201. doi: 10.11883/bzycj-2017-0414

On collapsing disintegration and vibration of a cooling tower subjected to blasting demolition

doi: 10.11883/bzycj-2017-0414
  • Received Date: 2017-11-17
  • Rev Recd Date: 2018-03-04
  • Publish Date: 2019-02-05
  • In order to study the blasting demolition of the cooling tower with compound incisions, the plastic hinge theory is used to analyze the motion state of the cooling tower in the whole collapse process. The mathematical model for the tower body instantly hitting the ground is established. And the maximum linear strain theory is considered to be the mechanical basis for the breakage of the tower wall. Analysis is carried out by the MATLAB numerical software. Analyzed results display that in addition to the wall at the incisions, the upper tower wall will undergo breakup and disintegration. This phenomenon coincides with the actual situation. When the explosive is determined, the coordinate value of the upper broken section decreases with the increase of the rotational extremum of the plastic hinge. In addition, the peak vibration velocity induced by the continuous collapse of the tower body hit the ground with blink section plastic hinge extreme increases. This conclusion is deducted by analyzing the of the tower-body continuous collapse that is the most harmful to the surrounding buildings during the blasting process. In view of that, the excessive total delay time should be avoided for the cooling-tower blasting in the future, so as to control the rotation angle of the tower and reduce the harm induced by cooling-tower blasting to surrounding buildings.
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