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About Submission

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Explosion and Shock Waves publishes the peer-reviewed articles, brief reporting and latest imformation on the following orientations: explosion, detonation, combustion, impact dynamics, high-speed collision, dynamic high-pressure technology, high energy density dynamics driven by laser or electro-megnatic technology, dynamic properties of materials, driving & frabrication by explosion, engineering blasting, anti-explosion structure, calculation method, testing and experimental technology for explosion mechanics ,and equipment and safety technology for explosion.


Explosion and Shock Waves adopts the method of website submission. To submit a manuscript, please log in the Author Center (http://www.bzycj.cn/journalx_bzycj/authorLogOn.action?mag_Id=1) on the website homepage of the journal, and follow the prompts for relevant submission operations. Please avoid multiple contributions for one manuscript.

Before submitting your manuscript, please read the Ethics Statement (http://www.bzycj.cn/news/EthicsStatement.htm) carefully. All authors contributing to Explosion and Shock Waves are deemed as being aware of all the content in the Ethics Statement. 

Please download the Article Template of Explosion and Shock Waves (http://www.bzycj.cn/news_list_en.htm?column=downloadiist) which contains the most detailed requirement of the article format. Please write the manuscript by following the requirement and under the framework of the template.

Accept and Reject

The Editorial Department will organize the peer-review on the manuscript, the process of which is introduced in the webpage of (http://www.bzycj.cn/news/EditorialProcess.htm), and give feedback on the review results within 4 months (1 to 2 months in average) after the date of receipt. If there is no reply within 4 months, the author may deal with the manuscript separately after notifying the Editorial Department.

If the manuscript passes the review, the editorial department will notify the author by email after the acceptance. The editorial department will provide a sealed "Manuscript Acceptance Notification" in case of author’s request.

If the manuscript fails to pass the review, the Editorial Department will notify the author by email and provide the review comments. The author can deal with the manuscript separately after receiving the notification.

Plagiarism Check

Authors are required to submit the original and creative achievements that are contained in the manuscript with a repetition ratio of no more than 5%. The editorial department will carry out plagiarism checks at the first inner review, before the acceptance, and before the publication, by using the CNKI plagiarism system. If it is found at any process that plagiarism is involved, the editorial process will be terminated and the manuscript will be rejected.

Publishing Periodicity

The current average publication period of Explosion and Shock Waves (from the time that the editorial department receives the manuscript to the official publication) is 34 to 42 weeks (8-10 months). Depending on the specific publication plan, a few manuscripts may exceed this range.


All versions of the authors' work, including the submitted manuscript, the accepted version, and the published article will be reposited on the official website of Explosion and Shock Waves, and can be accessed by the authors through their account of the submission system.

Author Charges

The Editorial Department charge authors 2500 yuan for each manuscript as page fee after the acceptance and before officially published.There is no other charges.

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