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Manuscript Title: _________________________________________________________________________

Author Signature: _________________________________________________________________________

All the authors of the above manuscript agree to automatically transfer the ecnomic part of the copyright to the Editorial Department of Explosion and Shock Waves (hereinafter referred to as the Editorial Department) after signing this agreement, and accept the following terms:

1. The main content of the manuscript presents the original research rusults obtained impendently by the above authors and no plagiarism is involved . The mamuscript hasn't been publish in any public medias before and doesn't be submitted to any other public medias except Explosion and Shock Waves.

2. The manuscript is not involved in any dispute about authorship or intellectual property.

3. The manuscript is free of political errors and does not involve any state secret or contents to be patented. It has been check on state secre by the authors' institutes, and does not infringe the copyright and other legal rights of any third party. In case of secret leaks, infringement or political errors, the author shall bear all responsibilities.

4. The Editorial Department holds the ecnomic part of he copyright of this article (including, but no limit to, rights of copying, distribution, online transmission, translation and compilation);

5. The Editorial Department will orgnize the peer-review on the manuscript and give feedback on the review results within 120 days from the date of receipt. This agreement will be automatically terminated if the evaluation result is rejected. If there is no reply within 120 days, the author may deal with this article separately after giving an notification to the Editorial Department and guaranteeing that the Editorial Department is aware of it, and this agreement shall also be deemed as automatically terminated.

6. If the manuscript is accepted, the author promises to publish the manuscript in Explosion and Shock Waves, and pay the Editorial Department 2500 yuan article as the page charage. After the manuscript is published, the Editorial Department will pay the authors 50 yuan per page as the remuneration, and send the sample of current issue to the authors.

7. Respecting the original meaning of the manuscript, the Editorial Department holds right to make necessary modifications and standardization according to the relevant regulations. In the whole editing process, the first author and corresponding author are obliged to cooperate with the Editorial Department to complete the revision of the manuscript, answering questions, supplement necessary information and materials, checking the manuscript and other matters. Otherwise, the Editorial Department has the right to reject the manuscript at any stage.

8. If the authors violate the above agreements and causes losses to the Editorial Department, the first author (or corresponding author) shall bear the compensation liability.

9. Any disputes arising from other matters shall be settled by both parties through negotiation.  If no agreement can be reached through negotiation, it shall be handled in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

10. This Agreement shall come into force on the date of signature / seal. If the authors provide the scanned copy or photocopy, the scanned copy/ photocopy has the same legal effect as the original.

Sign for the above agreements: _____________________________________________________________________________

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