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Editorial Process

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Explosion and Shock Waves adopts the review method of inner triple review combined with single-blind peer review.

First Editorial Review (no more than 7 days)

After receiving the manuscript, the Editorial Department will designate a responsible editor to conduct a preliminary review, to judge whether the manuscript conforms to the aims and scopes of the journal.

Peer Review (generally no more than 45 days)

Explosion and Shock Waves uses single-blind peer review method.

The manuscript that have passed the preliminary review is sent to at least two qualified experts for peer reviews. The peer reviews are required to provide a comprehensively evaluation on thescientific nature, originality, innovation, practicability of the topic, rationality of research designing, accuracy of manuscript expression, and ethical issues that may be involved in the manuscript.

The chosen reviewers should not be involved in any benefit ralation or conflict with the authors or the scientific research which may affects the fairness of the opinion.

The initiative of acceptance can be concluded while at least two effective peer-review comments are supportive. Effective comments refer to opinions that are specific, detailed, unbiased, and do not involve disputes of interest.


If acceptance of the manuscript is concluded and revision is required according to the peer-review opinions, the executive editor will send the manuscript back to authors for modification. The modified manuscript may be send to the peer-review expert again for further review, depending on the requirement of the expert.

Second Editorial Review (generally no more than 7 days)

For manuscript having successfully passed the peer review, the editorial department will conduct the second inner review to evaluate the rationality and completeness of the authors' revisions, and to check the writing specifications of the manuscript. The authors may be required to modify the manuscript again in this process.

Final Review

If surpported by the above evaluation, the manuscript will be handled to the Editor-in-Chief to make the conclusive publishing dicision (accept, reject or revise) based on the review provided.

Acceptance and Rejection

If the manuscript is accepted by the final dicision, the Editorial Department will notice the author through E-mail. The sealed notification will also be provided to authors if demanded. Before acceptance, the author should have signed the Copyright Transfer Agreement including the State Secret Checking Opinion sealed by authors' institute and paid the Editorial Department 2500 yuan as the page charges.

If the manuscript is rejected, the Copyright Transfer Agreement will be deemed as terminated and author may deal with the manuscript at will.

Plagiarism Check

Authors are required to submit the original, creative achievements obtained independently in the manuscript with a repetition ratio of no more than 5%. The Editorial Department will carry out three times of plagiarism check for each article while the first inner review, before acceptance and before publish, respectively, by using the CNKI plagiarism system. If it is found at any process that plagiarism is involved, the editorial process will be terminated and the manuscript will be rejected.

Publishing, Periodicity & Archiving

The accepted manuscript will be published in advance both on the official website of Explosion and Shock Waves and CNKI ussually within 4 months from receipt, and then offially published contained in the complete issue after the process of editorial modification, three times of proofread, compilation and press proof read, etc.

The official publishing periodicity ussually ranges from 34 to 42 weeks (8-10 months). The manuscript evaluted as extraodinary outstanding can be published preferentially. The periodicity of a few manuscript may exceed 10 month due to the regulation of overall publication schedule.

Synchronized with the publication in the print version, the articles will be published and long-term achived on the official website of Explosion and Shock Waves for free access, and additionally on CNKI, CQVIP, Chaoxing and Bookan, etc, for transmission and archiving. Also, the article information can be indexed by EI compendex, Scopus and JST, etc.

The print version of the issue will be send to National Library of China and China Archives of Publications for archiving.

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