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About Journal

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Explosion and Shock Waves (Baozha yu Chongji), founded in July 1981, sponsored by the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, is a monthly published professional academic journal. It is devoted to studies and investigations in explosion mechanics and impact dynamics in China. The present executive editor is Dr. LIU Cangli.

Aims and Scopes

Explosion and Shock Waves (Baozha yu Chongji) aims at reporting the latest scientific and technological achievements in the field of explosion mechanics and impact dynamics, presenting the progress and level of academic frontiers, promoting the academic exchanges, building a growth platform for young talents in the field, and facilitating the development of theories and applications in explosion mechanics and,  technologies in anti-explosion and safety. The target audience of Explosion and Shock Waves are scientific researchers, engineering technicians, postgraduats, teachers and students in colleges and universities engaged in explosion mechanics and adjacent fields.

Content of Explosion and Shock Wanves

The content of Explosion and Shock Waves covers detonation, combustion, impact dynamics, high-speed collision, dynamic high-pressure technology, high energy density dynamics driven by laser or electro-megnatism, dynamic properties of materials, explosion driving and processing, engineering blasting, anti-explosion structure designing, explosion mechanics calculation method and experimental testing technology, explosion equipment, and explosion safety technology. 


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